The Beginning, Part 3

This is the last of my 3 part story of how I got here. If you have read the previous two chapters, thanks for coming back.

Breathing is even better when you don’t have strange blobs growing in your nose.
Gross eh? Yep, but it’s true.

So…why am I still on a quest? My polyps came back! Three months after my first surgery, I was back on prednisone. I’ve been through several prescriptions to reduce the size of the polyps. Sometimes, it helps but mostly it just slows them down. In May of 2011 I had a second surgery to remove more polyps. Six weeks later, they were back again.  Something had to change.

Now by the time I had my second surgery, I was in a relationship with a wonderful man, who introduced me to a friend who is a nutritionist, specializing in people dealing with food allergies and intolerances. She suggested my sinus issues may be food related. After some education and some convincing, I went gluten and dairy free. I figured I had nothing to loose except my sanity.  Although, some say I never had any to begin with. ; )

At first I thought, this won’t be so bad…I’ll just switch over to gluten free bread and use margarine and I’ll be good…..Man was I wrong! Did you know that gluten and dairy are in practically everything? Well, maybe not everything. If it’s a processed, pre-packaged, ready made food, chances are it’s full of gluten or dairy, or both.

I had already been in consultation with a friend who is also a nutritionist and I did get some advice on what not to eat as well as a few brand names to look for in the grocery store.  However, I’d always loved flipping though my collection of cookbooks and cooking magazines for inspiration, so off I went to Chapters.

The first book that gave me hope of being a happy eater once again was “Cooking for Isaiah”, by Silvana Nardone.  All the recipes in the book looked everyday easy, made my mouth water and best of all each recipe was completely gluten and dairy free. I thought, well if this is what I have to eat, I can do this!

Since then, I’ve been testing and converting of my own recipes along with the several books, blogs, and other resources, full of gluten and dairy free recipes I’ve found to inspire me in the kitchen.

My nose is still a little stuffy, but much, much better these days. I’m still battling polyps and searching for the piece in my puzzle that will keep them from returning. But my asthma is more manageable and I’m much less congested. : )

Now it’s my turn to help….If any of this sounds familiar to you, I’d love to hear from you.

In the up coming posts I’ll be sharing info about my attempts at living a  balanced, healthy, gluten and dairy free lifestyle.


7 thoughts on “The Beginning, Part 3

  1. Glad to hear going gluten-free and dairy-free is helping your sinuses and asthma! To be honest, I was really hoping going gluten-free (I had to because of Celiac) would help other things like my chronic sinus issues (I’ve had surgery twice) and asthma or eczema, but it really hasn’t made a huge difference for me, at least not yet. But I’m always happy to read about it helping other people’s otherwise unresolved health issues!

    • Hi Amanda! First of all thank you for your “likes” and your comment! Your story sounds very similar to my own. I can truly understand how frustrating (and exhausting) it can be to not feel well. Like you, I don’t claim to have any professional expertise in dealing with allergies, just personal experience. It sounds like you may still be ingesting gluten, whether due to cross contamination or accidental dosing. One of first things I did when I made the decision to eliminate gluten from my diet, was to to find a list of typical foods to avoid. by the Canadian Celiac Association is one I still refer to. I hope this helps.

  2. Oh sorry – by my comment I meant it hasn’t made a huge difference in my asthma or eczema! 🙂 It has HUGELY improved my stomach/intestinal symptoms as well as other symptoms (migraines, fatigue, etc.) I don’t believe I’m ingesting gluten (with the exception of occasional cross-contamination from restaurants, which is almost unavoidable). I’m extremely diligent about checking EVERYTHING. I’ve had life threatening food allergies my whole life so I have always read labels on things. I think that for the most part, since I have so many environmental and other allergies, my eczema and asthma will likely always be present to some degree, unfortunately 😦

    • Ah, I understand. I still have a symptoms too. One of the reasons I decided to start this blog is to find people like you to share stories with. I’m still looking for the “piece of my puzzle” that will allow me to live symptom free. For me, dairy is a huge trigger that aggravates my asthma. Do you have dairy issues?

  3. I don’t have a HUGE issue with dairy. If I have too much (like more than 1-2 servings in a day), I do get GI problems. I’ve never cut it out of my diet though, and I suspect it would at LEAST help my sinus issues, if not other issues. I keep WANTING to try it but my diet already feels so restricted and a yogurt is one of my daily snacks. And yes, it’s so nice to find people who share the same issues as us! Makes me feel not so alone in it 🙂

  4. Hey Denise!! I have always followed your gluten and dairy free quest.. everything always looked good, but never throught I would have to give up either…until last week…I have had a lot of health issues lately nothing serious just bothersome. My doctor suggested going gluten and dairy free…So I will be following a lot closer now and using a lot of your advise.
    To begin my quest of gluten and dairy free..

    • Hey Sandra! Welcome to the way “the other people” eat! Glad you found the blog and thanks for the great comment. I will continue to do my best at providing yummy recipes. Every recipe I post has become a tried and true favourite, not just for me but my family as well. The recipes have to pass the just plain good test, not just “good for gluten and dairy free test”. I truly hope you will try them.

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