Men vs Women: Groceries

In my house, I do all the grocery shopping but it wasn’t always like this.

Before my Sweetie and I decided to take the plunge and shack up, we used to shop together all the time. It may sound funny but when I reminisce about those early shopping expeditions, I don’t think of them as a chore that had to be done. Rather, I think they were an integral part of how we got to know each other. You can learn a lot about someone by the way they shop.

At the time, my Sweetie was a busy, self employed, single dad, living in a small town, a forty five minute drive away from where I live.  When I’d visit him, we’d head out to the one big grocery store in town.
My love never carried a grocery list.  He’d just grab a cart and proceed to go through every isle in the place, driving like he was in a slow motion recap of the Indy 500, taking the corners on two wheels. I thought it was hilarious and I looked forward to the next trip as a part of our “date”.

We leave the store with his usual, eggs, milk, cheese, bagels, a bag of Oreos and whatever looked like a good idea for dinner that night (those were my pre gluten/dairy free days). It filled about 2 bags.

Me? I approach the task in a very different way.

My family calls me “an ingredient snob” and I’m proud of it. I know all the stores in my city and I know which place has the best selection of produce, meats and dry goods. When I shop, I have a list and a route, a plan and I’m on a mission.

I have perfected the mid-week, mid-afternoon “Hit & Run”. The “Mad Dash to the Cash”, the “Zip in / Zip out”, all to avoid being in the store when 3:30pm rolls around. That’s when busy parents everywhere are scooping up their kids from daycare or school and draggin’ them out to get something for tonight’s dinner and tomorrow’s lunch all before the lovely little munchkins have to be at “insert name of activity here”. Having been there, done that with my own boys when they were little, I learned a very valuable lesson. Just like shopping when you’re hungry never works out well, grocery shopping with bored hungry kids is worse!

Yeah, ok, so my Sweetie’s way is more fun. The other day I was thinkin’ how I missed those days.

My Sweetie and I just celebrated our four year anniversary….by going grocery shopping in my favourite place. Toronto’s St. Lawrence Market.  It was a lovely date.


3 thoughts on “Men vs Women: Groceries

  1. Ha, you’re exactly, exactly like me! A strategic shopper. I always hit the malls when it’s least crowded, try to predict flow patterns, and attempt to do the “hit and run” on more than one occasion. It really is a game of strategy and knowing how patterns work. It also makes for an enjoyable trip!

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