My Unconventional Love

Daily Prompt: Unconventional Love

Over the weekend, we explored different ways to love. Today, tell us about the most unconventional love in your life.”

What is unconventional love?

Hmmm before I can answer that, I need to define what conventional love is.

The Greeks have four words for describing love: affection, friendship, eros, and charity.

Affection– I think this is kind of like what you feel for your third cousin on your father’s side that you get along with or the fellow commuter you chat with everyday.

Friendship– We all know what this is. It’s the love you have for your best bud, the pal who has been with you through good and bad. They have your back and you have theirs and if you ever need to make an emergency call to someone, it’ll be this person.

Eros– Ah, romantic love. We’ve all had a Sweetie at some point in our lives….

Charity-The unconditional love you have for your child or for those in need.

If I base my idea of conventional love on the above definitions, then for love to be unconventional, it has to be something other than affectionate, friendly, romantic or charitable.

I think my love for cooking falls into the unconventional category.

Oh, I know we all have a need for sustenance and for most of us, preparing our food is a necessity. In fact, I know of several people who think of food as just a source of fuel to get them through the day. I also know folks who regard cooking a meal as “just another chore that needs to be done”. That’s not what I’m referring to here.

I really do mean I love cooking. I’m almost always cooking. My regular job is chef at a daycare, so from Mon-Fri, you’ll find me sneaking extra veggies into everything from pasta sauce to Sloppy Joes and adding extra protein and whole grains into muffins and cookies. When I’m not actually in a kitchen, I’m usually thinking about it. I’m constantly learning new techniques and skills. I am forever expanding my knowledge of different ingredients and cuisines. I love thinking about what would “go well with” this or that ingredient and I take great pleasure in passing along what I know about food and cooking to other people. Like you!


One thought on “My Unconventional Love

  1. “Loved” your post, Dee! I think I’ll add another Greek word to your list. It’s actually the definition of charity. It’s called agape love. This is the unconditional love you mentioned. It’s the same love one would have to sacrifice themselves for others. It’s a pretty intense, thoughtful love. Anyway, just wanted to throw that out there! 🙂

    Great food connection, too!

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