I’m Dee and I’ve been a foodie all my life. I love to eat, cook, bake talk and read about food. I have also suffered with horrible case of sinusitis, including recurring nasal polyps.

Three years ago, I changed my eating habits in an attempt to manage my sinus issues.
Learning about my gluten and dairy intolerance was devastating , overwhelming. I felt betrayed by my body, depressed. Going gluten free isn’t easy and when one intolerance is combined with another (like a dairy sensitivity), eating well can be quite a challenge. Gluten and Dairy seem to be in every convenience food there is.

My passion for cooking quickly turned to frustration… Every trip I took to the grocery store became a slow exercise in label reading. Every meal took longer to plan and execute. Grabbing take out, restaurants were definitely off limits. My family missed my baking so, I became determined to cook and bake all my old favourites, without any gluten or dairy.

Hundreds of recipes and thousands of hours later, all of the meals I cook are gluten and dairy free. The best part is that my family can’t tell.

Helping others transition to and maintain a gluten free lifestyle along with all the recipes I’ve  created, gathered and transformed are the inspiration behind Dee’Lectables. Let me help you live slower, worry less and most of all eat good food.








4 thoughts on “About

  1. You left a like on our blog, so I thought I’d check you out. Nice post on ‘Nduja. I actually had to pronounce it aloud several times before the etymology hit me: alternate pronounciation of “endouille.” Not that they’re exactly the same thing. But their word origins have to be the same. Anyway. Nice blog. I’ll be back.


    P.S. I’m also a sci-fi fan, although I tend to lean toward lit sci-fi (CLOUD ATLAS) or classics these days. I grew up on Heinlein, Asimov, Ditsch, Zelazney, Delany, Disch and Leguin, and a LONG time ago, Andre Norton (GALACTIC DERELECT!). All greats.

    • Hey Ken, thanks for dropping by and happy to know another sci- fi fan! I tend to drop a like on any recipe that can be made gluten and dairy free. I’ve been following your blog for a while now..everything you and Jody post looks mouthwatering delicious! As for the comment, I do recall posting a comment about fennel and Romesco sauce, but the one you mention about endouille has slipped my mind. Oh well. Hope to see you back soon. Have a Dee’Lectable Day!


      • No problem. I visit people’s blogs, see a comment, think, “Gee, that sounds interesting…” and then see i wrote it myself a few months ago. It’s the result of cramming too much stuff into your head. 😉 Ken

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