1. I have had allergies all my life. I have lived with “Hay Fever” for over 40 years and asthma for 18 years. I was diagnosed with nasal polyps in 2008.  I have been aware of my own gluten and dairy intolerances for 3 years. I have done my own research on these issues. I have consulted with a nutritionist, ear/nose and throat doctors and allergists. However, I am NOT a doctor, nutritionist, allergist, dietitian, nurse. lawyer OR expert on anyone’s health except my own. Everything I write here is based entirely on my own experiences. If you choose to change ANYTHING in your life based on something I write here, I would recommend always consulting with any of the aforementioned experts prior to doing so.
  2. I am an advocate for personal fitness. I do my best to lead an active lifestyle that includes weight training, spin cycling, outdoor cycling, running, swimming, walking and just about anything else.
    When I write about these or any other activities, I do so from personal experience. However, I do not claim to be a personal trainer, physiologist or any other type of expert. Please consult a doctor before starting any kind physical activity new to you and then I recommend you proceed with guidance.
  3. All content on this blog is my own, unless otherwise noted. Any photo that was not taken by me will link back to the original or credit the source in some other way. Photos that do not do this are my own. You may link to or use the pictures or information on this blog as long as you first receive my permission.

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