What is Dee’Lectables?

Dee’Lectables is an in-home meal preparation service
offering gluten and dairy free options to busy people.

Who Needs Dee’Lectables?

  • Singles
  • Career Focused Couples
  • New Parents
  • Busy Families
  • Empty Nesters
  • People Transitioning to a Gluten / Dairy Free Lifestyle
  • Short Term Hospice

Dee’Lectables offers:

  • FREE Consultations
  • Nutrition
  • Convenience
  • Peace of mind that comes from using wholesome ingredients
  • Special attention to your dietary needs
  • Affordability

Plan Options:

Everyday Dinner Solutions

Streamline your dinnertime. All menu options are gluten and dairy free . Choose from a growing list of entrées, sure to please your pallet  You’ll get five menu choices, including sides (where applicable) with up to 6 servings/ entree

 Lunch For A Month

Looking for a way to get good, wholesome, hot lunches with out paying for take out? Choose our Lunch for a Month Special.

You’ll get  5 entrees + sides,  portioned into 5 single servings/ entrée . That’s 25 lunches!

 Sweet Tooth Special

Stock up on the best tasting gluten free  cookies, cakes and ice “cream” treats. You’ll get to choose five from an ever growing list of bakery favourites.

For more information about these services contact us!


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