Dining Out…

For those of you living with food allergies / intolerance, dining out can be an awkward, frustrating and even scary experience. It’s bad enough when you have one food issue but when you have two, like me. It seems our menu choices can be slim to none, often resulting in not dining out at all for fear of being “accidentally dosed”. Whether  you are trying to avoid gluten and dairy or soy and or nuts, it seems like the things that make us sick are in everything we eat these days. ( That statement feels like a topic for another post!)

But with the increased awareness of food allergies and intolerancee, many restaurants are getting wise.

I have found that if the establishment has a full kitchen then my options open up , because there is a professional cook on site that I can communicate my needs to. It makes a little thing like dining out possible for me again.

Like last night.

Kudos to the Red Lobster in Oshawa (311 King St W Oshawa, ON L1J 2J8
(905) 434-1143) and the amazing staff there!

I went with my family to celebrate a friend’s birthday and our wait staff and the manager bent over backwards to accommodate my food issues. The staff were sympathetic to my needs and treated my request with respect. The manager came to our table personally  to explain what could be done to ensure my meal would be safe for me. Then they prepared my food with separate utensils to avoid cross contamination.

BTW- I had broiled sole, garlic shrimp, rice and broccoli and it was delish!

Best of all, today I don’t feel like I “got dosed”!

Thank you so very much!!!